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Sonja Solbakken is an ideal woman who is generous and strong.
Her home is happy -- a place where ALL are welcomed and included.
She bakes, gardens and collects beautiful things.
Her appearance is timeless.
She has a place for everything and everything is in its place.

At Sonja Solbakken, we aim to provide our customers with one-of-a-kind goods that uplift the spirit, enrich the mind, and comfort the body. We believe that natural resources from the earth make the best objects to adorn the home and that art should constantly be created, curated, and collected! Cultivating a cozy, yet welcoming home is a lifelong pursuit.

We hope that sharing our passion for good living will bring excitement, strength, fortitude, curiosity and compassion. We enjoy sharing the things we love with our community and look forward to future collections that are timeless, beautiful and sustainable.

We strive to show respect for past, present and future generations by being grateful for what they did and who they were. We believe that nostalgia is a powerful force in the world. We love living on this beautiful earth and delight in evoking the senses by sharing what we know to be good.

Meet our founder

Sonja Michelle was born in Millcreek, Utah where she lives now with her good husband and business partner John Holt. Together they have a big blended family that gathers often. Michelle attended Westminster College where she received her Bachelor in Business and MBA. While in college she realized her dream was to own a store filled with beautiful things that bring people joy. Michelle’s purpose is to help people feel good in their homes.

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